Mountain  View Farm        

Mountain View Farm was first established as a farm in the 1700s and then actively run as both a farm and boarding house by Lena and William Durfee in the 1900s.  The original farmhouse still stands next door to us.

Today we embrace the rich history of this land (and our ancestry) and continue to actively grow an abundance of fresh vegetables for local markets, area restaurants, direct farm pick up, and of course for ourselves!

So Who's Running The Farm?

Maria and Vincent LaFontan (along with our two daughters, Olivia and Abigail) are the owners and proud growers of Mountain View Farm. 

We are a family farm - small in our production -  focusing on high quality, unique to the palate crops! 

Currently we have @ 3 acres in production along with
a robust
flock of Laying Hens - producing exceptional Farm Fresh Eggs!